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Cu-Avana Natural

Whether you’re a beginner smoker, a fan of easy-smoking Connecticuts, or just looking for a mellow everyday smoke, the Cu-Avana Natural is the cigar for you. Hailing from the Dominican factory of Manuel Quesada, creator of the popular Fonseca brand who was also the talent behind the Dominican version of the famous Romeo y Julieta, it’s the kind of smoke just about anyone can enjoy. And why not? In addition to the caramel-colored Connecticut wrapper the cigar contains an expertly blended mix of Dominican tobaccos from the Cibao Valley.


With its bold blue and gold band, flawless wrapper, and Cuban-style triple cap, you’d be forgiven for thinking this cigar cost twice the price as the tastes shift among cream, mild spice, and a pleasingly sour citrus. Extremely smooth and mild in the beginning, the Cu Avana Natural does work its way to a soft medium. A great morning smoke or for those times when you’re looking for simple tobacco enjoyment such as chilling on the beach, in the back yard, or at the golf course, the Cu Avana fits the bill. The 6 x 52 Belicoso is available in boxes or bundles with the rest of the vitolas found in bundles of 20, so choose your favorite size and get smoking.

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MSRP Price
Cu-Avana Natural Belicoso Box of 20 6 x 52 $98.00 $53.95
Bundle of 20 6 x 52 $98.00 $42.95
Sold Out
Single Cigar 6 x 52 $4.90 $2.53
Sold Out
Cu-Avana Natural Churchill Bundle of 20 7 x 50 $92.00 $42.95
Single Cigar 7 x 50 $4.60 $2.53
Sold Out
Cu-Avana Natural Robusto Bundle of 20 5 x 50 $76.00 $36.95
Single Cigar 5 x 50 $3.80 $2.17
Cu-Avana Natural Toro Bundle of 20 6 x 50 $84.00 $38.95
Single Cigar 6 x 50 $4.20 $2.29