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Gurkha Black Dragon Fury Cigars Cigars

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Gurkha Black Dragon Fury

A true beast of a cigar, the Gurkha Black Dragon Fury is a bold and exciting adventure into the darkest reaches of the glorious cigar kingdom ruled by Kaizad Hansotia. Sitting on a throne crafted out of the immense variety of sticks at his disposal, Hansotia has issued an edict calling for the best tobaccos to be brought in tribute to the lush Honduran countryside, where each Churchill-sized stick is guided to its full potential by talented torcedors. The long leaf that comprises the filler hail from Nicaraguan and Peru, and there are two binders: a leathery Nicaraguan Habano and a spicy Cameroon. A Connecticut Broadleaf forms the oily and pitch black hide of the cigar.


Roused with a good flame, the cigar breathes clouds of heady smoke with a powerfully meaty char and earth profile, plus a cane syrup sweetness and rushes of allspice, white pepper, and dry cocoa that soar around the palate. Are you tough enough to face the Black Dragon Fury? Despite its fearsome reputation, the balanced full flavors and medium to full strength will make a hero of most any smoker. With a burn time of at least an hour and a half, the best time to smoke this Gurkha is after a hearty feast, quaffing strong ale and reflecting on the successful conquests of the day. 

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MSRP Price
Gurkha Black Dragon Fury Box of 30 7 x 50 $410.00 $278.95
Sold Out
Single Cigar 7 x 50 $13.67 $10.95
Gurkha Black Dragon Fury Gran Torpedo Bundle of 20 7 x 56 $320.00 $79.95
Single Cigar 7 x 56 $16.00 $4.15