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Murcielago Cigars

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Murcielago Cigars are darkly wrapped, box pressed, Medium to Full Bodied cigars with a Nicaraguan binder and filler. The “Batman,” as it is nicknamed for it's brands' bat logo, is wrapped in a rich Maduro wrapper that is grown in the fertile soil of San Andres, Mexico.


This cigar was created by Eddie Ortega and Erik Espinosa but are rolled by Don Pepin Garcia. The Murcielago's have a plethora of flavor notes including oats, coffee, rum, cocoa, sugar cane, tobacco, and sweet chocolate with no one spice outshining another.


If you are a fan of the Padron Anniversary 1964, Mi Barrio, Cubao, and 601 cigars, you will love the Murcielago.


Name Packaging Size

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MSRP Price
Murcielago Belicoso Box of 20 5 1/2 x 52 $91.95
Sold Out
Single Cigar 5 1/2 x 52 $5.40
Sold Out
Murcielago Churchill Box of 20 7 x 48 $92.95
Sold Out
Single Cigar 7 x 48 $5.50
Sold Out
Murcielago Robusto Box of 20 5 x 50 $89.95
Sold Out
Single Cigar 5 x 50 $5.30
Sold Out
Murcielago Toro Box of 20 6 1/8 x 50 $92.95
Sold Out
Single Cigar 6 1/8 x 50 $5.50
Sold Out