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La Vieja Habana Cuban Corojo Cigars Cigars

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La Vieja Habana Cuban Corojo

While Drew Estate is known for their exotic botanical line Acid, smokers may be surprised to find out Jonathan Drew’s first entry into the cigar world was actually the much more traditional La Vieja Habana. Looking to sell a well-priced cigar from his kiosk in the World Trade Center in 1996, the idea of making a “sandwich-filler” cigar which utilizes both long and short trimmings of tobacco from other premium cigars would not only keep cost down but also keep the flavor profile premium cigar smokers are looking for. La Vieja Habana is the cigar that started Drew Estate’s “Rebirth of Cigars”. Made up of mixed filler from Esteli and the Jalapa Valley in Nicaragua, La Vieja Habana Corojo is a medium bodied smoke which has a great undertone of spiciness from a Cuban Corojo wrapper.


All of Drew Estate’s cigars are works of art, and the bands hammer home this point. La Vieja Habana Corojo has a gorgeous Art Deco inspired, very colorful band. Smokers could not find a more perfect burn and part of the reason for this is the utilization of the short filler. From first puff until the cigar is put in its final resting place, we found a razor sharp ash, a perfect draw, and an amazing aroma.


Too many premium cigar smokers turn their noses up at anything but long-filler cigars, but skipping this one will mean missing out on one heck of a great smoke. Great burn, great taste, and, equally important, great price are what every smoker of La Vieja Habana can expect each and every time. This is the perfect cigar to bring out to the golf course or to your next Herf.

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MSRP Price
La Vieja Habana Corojo Belicoso D Box of 20 6 x 54 $88.00 $53.95
Sold Out
La Vieja Habana Corojo Bombero Box of 20 6 x 52 $84.00 $49.95
La Vieja Habana Corojo Celebracion Nacional Box of 20 7 x 52 $86.00 $51.95
La Vieja Habana Corojo Chateau Corona Box of 20 5 1/2 x 46 $74.00 $44.95
La Vieja Habana Corojo Gordito Rico Box of 16 6 x 60 $84.80 $52.95
Single Cigar 6 x 60 $5.30 $3.85
La Vieja Habana Corojo Rothschild Luxo Box of 20 5 x 54 $80.00 $48.95
La Vieja Habana Cuban Corojo Rothschild Luxo Bundle of 20 5 x 54 $100.00 $34.95
Sold Out
Single Cigar 5 x 54 $5.00 $2.05
Sold Out