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Oliveros King Havano Criollo

Oliveros King Havano Criollo

A premium smoke from a rising cigar company, the Oliveros King Havano Criollo cigar is truly fit for a monarch but priced for the common man. It wasn't very long ago that Rafael Nodal decided to re-enter the tobacco business, a tradition started generations before in the Pinar der Rio region of Cuba where the Nodal family began growing some of the finest crop the island nation could produce. After many years of toil after moving to the US, Rafael was able to start the Oliveros cigar company with family and friends. Together they have produced a variety of sought after cigars including this Nicaraguan Puro, a fine example of the craft containing a rich blend of ligero from Esteli, Jalapa, and Condega beneath the overlaid Criollo leaf.
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