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Gran Habano Factory Seconds

Launched in 2003, George Rico’s Gran Habano cigars received a lot of well deserved fanfare. The complex taste is something to admire and is due to the company’s own “Cubito” tobacco leaf. This tobacco is grown on Rico’s farms in Nicaragua, Colombia, Panama, and Costa Rica. With a taste very similar to Mexican-seed tobacco, Cubito has an enchanting aroma as well as a subtle power. Firmly in the middle of the medium-to-full-body scale, there is a slight oomph to each puff, but nothing to mask all the other wonderful flavors found inside. What is great about Factory Seconds is you will be getting the same great taste found in the regular Gran Habano lines but at a fraction of the cost. These Seconds are either slightly off color, don’t have the highest grade wrapper, or sometimes are simply rolled by newer torceadors. This is a great way to try a cigar without breaking the bank.

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