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Aging Room Small Batch M21

Aging Room Small Batch M21

If you’re looking for something different, unique, or rare, then the Aging Room Small Batch M21 cigar should be on your short list. Don’t wait too long though, we only have a few and more are getting snapped up day after day. So what is the M21? Well, it’s a Dominican puro comprised of tobaccos cultivated in La Canella, which are left to ferment and age for years in bundles before being carefully rolled at the Tabacalera La Palma factory.  Available in one size, a hefty perfecto called Fortissimo, what you see with this smoke is what you get. Even the name is rather less than esoteric: The blend in use was finished on (M)onday, January (21), 2013. Cool, huh?

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