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5 Vegas Classic The Judge Cigars

5 Vegas Classic The Judge

  • Single Cigar
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5 Vegas Classic The Judge is a 6 inch by 60 ring cigar. You really don't have to be around the cigar world very long to have heard the hype surrounding 5 Vegas Classic cigars. It seems like their name comes up whenever anyone mentions one of the core cigars you need to try to really be considered an aficionado. The reason for this stems from them being ubiquitous, affordable, and delicious. It doesn't hurt that they are made from quality Nicaraguan and Dominican tobaccos which are rolled with care beneath a shiny Sumatra wrapper. Are they the finest cigars around? Not necessarily, but at the same time they will certainly satisfy every time with plenty of premium flavor at a near-bundled price.


Slightly mottled with light and dark brown spots and smelling of nutmeg, each 5 Vegas vitola is nicely packed with enough leaf to enable a firm, yet not-too-tight draw. Alight with minimal effort, the stick will smolder slowly while producing thick clouds of smoke bright white and fragrant. The basic profile is loaded with cedar and coffee, with a touch of white pepper at the back of the throat once the second third is reached. There are some vegetal, almost herbal notes as the final third gets goings, the finish clean and medium bodied while remaining flavorful and crisp.


For those not in the know, the name of these cigars is pronounced as "Cinco" Vegas, not "Five" Vegas, but it really doesn't matter what you call them. They could be called "Horse's Hoof" and they would still be tasty treats capable of garnering innumerable fans without fanfare or conceit. If you've had good fortune with Rocky Patel Vintage 1992 or Hoyo De Monterrey Natural then we are happy to report that 5 Vegas Classic are just as capable of satisfying you cravings for savory, Cubanesque flavor.

Additional Information
Type N/A
Strength Medium
Brand 5 Vegas Classic
Size 6 x 60
Wrapper Sumatra
Binder Nicaraguan
Filler Dominican, Nicaraguan
Origin Nicaragua
Shape Gordo

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